Will there be time for questions? Yes.
Will there be an after-event mixer to maximize deal connections? Yes.

What are in the scheduled Power Points?

There will be 6 PPP’s, each one presenting an essential prerequisite designed to operate together like a smooth-running machine obeying Newton’s 2nd Law: energy and chaos goes in – power, dominance, and profits come out. Crypto-Integrity-Tao working in tandem with Creativity First Films has every prerequisite under one company model. The PPP’s will be the first to present in a simple language recognized by the crypto world, legacy funds and banks, and regulators worldwide, which is something that no other company has been able to create and offer investors. The Event will be in thrilling style and understandable parallels prove the correlation of Blockchain to Physics, Geology,

Biology, Neuroscience, Astrophysics, and The Humanities. This allows you to determine the value of the investment, guarantee it is built on bankable collateral better than fiat Stablecoins, and reveal the future that can be created “right now” in our next stage of our Dynamic that “changes everything” into a more secure, valid investment


  • “Defines” Blockchain and crypto on a level never before imagined yet is instantly understood as correct by you

  • Replaces hype and timed exits with metrics to determine value on legacy investment from global funds and banks

  • Presents the only complete “Dynamic” with a Vertical Business Model: EDGE TECH MERGED INTO FILMMAKING+GAMES

  • Explains the Sustained Global Disruption Advantage for your company, and options on being in the Sandbox of Patents

  • Presents the valuable I.P. and Products in the technology arena which was the highest ROI class 2019-2022

  • Presents the model for the ultimate Metaverse in more detail, and the investment strength through the Dynamic

  • Reveals not just what will win top ROI in 2022, it also will show you the future our proprietary systems put in your hands

  • Solves most of the problems regulators and CBDC’s can’t figure out yet to enact rules good for today, good for 10 years!

Quotes from Tier 1 news interviews and global analysts that will be presented in full for the first time to the public, and why.

You have written “The Bible for Blockchain.” (from a top Silicon Valley Expert)

This will change everything! (from a Switzerland Blockchain expert company)

You’re ”Uber-izing Hollywood.” The Gig Sector meets NFT’s and Gamers at the start of film production. (Reporter)

Do you want to come back here and teach our Professors? (from a European leading company in Blockchain education) Your Metaverse model could save the theater industry. (Reporter)

Whoever has this will control the future of edge technology. (Silicon Valley Exec)

You might be the one to save the art of filmmaking and Hollywood. And giving actors and screenwriters a share of gross in Box Office and all Blockchain revenue will guarantee they’ll want to star in your films. (Hollywood Trades Executive and PR leader)

You can’t let this out! This is the Wild, Wild, West. All we care about is staying one step ahead of regulators, join us and make fortunes but you’ve got to bury some of this truth because it’ll start a shootout with the SEC, and we need a monopoly on it to destroy competition and every nation ahead of us because they’re the enemy. (A representative for Whales and the major crypto players at the tail end of the ICO failed craze.)

MEET is a well-respected, stylish venue in Las Vegas that allows a Blockchain and Crypto Live Event on a size perfect for personal
Interaction with the host and each other to form potential profitable Business alliances using Crypto-Integrity-Tao Dynamics and proofs.
There will be a hosted bar and finger food after and during the event.

The future of Hollywood, filmmaking, the theatrical release window, and actors and screenwriters sharing in “GROSS” Edge Tech and Box Office profits will only be honored and DLT tracked for honesty by C.F.F. Studios. 

This is the ONLY viable future for the art of film, when tech like Amazon are buying studios. Next they buy theaters. 

Top actors will have NO power without Creativity First Films. Simple as that, get what you deserve!

DATE: APRIL 3, 2022
TIME: 1:00-5:00 pm
SET UP: Table/Classroom style, beverages and snacks at breaks Mixer: After the Power Point Presentations
Reservations: Very limited
Classifications of tickets: VIP, First Floor, Second Floor

[The stage is on the first floor with 200 seats, 40 of which will be VIP front row for a higher price. There are monitors throughout the first and second floor. Second Floor attendees will pay slightly less than First Floor, and significantly less than VIP’s – yet everyone there will have an up-close experience because this venue is smaller than a large movie theaters so that everyone gets a chance to feel a part of this game-changer!



$ 1500
  • Includes special private hosted meeting either Sunday morning before the event or after the event at a top rate casino on the Vegas Strip. Allows you to ask questions specific to your company goals. Includes many follow-up Zoom calls and when possible in-person meetings after the event at your business if the potentials warrant them.

    You're buying more than all the above - you're buying breakthrough custom consulting access that would cost you over $100k a month from so-called experts offering nothing new or superior.


$ 500
  • Main floor of the presentation, easier Q+A opportunity, closer to VIP’s that might be good partners for investments based on the breakthroughs.


$ 300
  • Watch the same presentation on many huge monitors. The only difference is that you are upstairs and the speaker is not right in front of you. All privileges given to Floor 1 general tickets are also available to you. You mix with us after the Power Points, so you are part of the greater opportunity.


When we receive your email reply and selected Level of Consulting you seek, SGDA Consulting will send an email explaining your chosen Level and process in more detail. In that email a link for payment will appear. We accept PayPal and secure Stripe Credit Card Payments for the Introduction Level. After that payment, a calendar shows the time for Zoom Consulting Meetings to make sure you are included in all Zoom Presentations. For higher level Consulting, in-depth email and telephone calls begin our Consulting relationship. Due to the higher fee, a bank wire transfer is more secure for both parties.


The difference between consulting from any other common source like one of The Big Four or a crypto website algorithm compared to SGDA Consulting will astound you. In order for you to understand the value of applying and monetizing Interactive and One-on-One Level Consulting, a series of Power Point Presentation Zoom calls will open your mind to the great leap forward. This translates to breakthroughs within your own company as it applies DLT or Metaverse innovations, and more secure understanding of Blockchain and crypto potentials for your investing. There are two phrases from the Sciences that help us decipher the Laws of our reality, social systems like banking, and ability to accelerate our intelligence and adaptation until it dominates competition. The first phrase is actually a method used to solve unknowns: The Unitary Method. By knowing the result of an equation it is easier for you to determine each variable you need for a winning formula for your Brand and investments. SGDA Consulting will present the end results and many factors in the equation hundreds of times over the next year. This is prerequisite for any and all “Dynamics” you engage in your industry, whether it is high-end fashion, legacy wealth management, Blockchain DLT, or cryptocurrency … because this is how you get a head start in the direction of the near and long-term future in this financial sector. The second phrase is “Plasticity of the Mind.” This means using my skills and methods to make it easier to “stretch the boundaries of your understanding and vision” so you realize the impact Crypto-Integrity-Tao’s analysis will have on your investment and on unleashing a much higher potential for Blockchain than you currently are allowed by traditional sources of knowledge. Each Power Point Presentation on its own is more valuable than a month of conflicting analysis on crypto news websites; all together these Zooms will literally make you wiser than any so-called “crypto expert” you meet. With this new Plasticity of the Mind you’ve begun “how to think” instead of “what to think.” And you’ve begun replacing hype with reality based on proven metrics, collateral, Sciences, and global regulations and politics. One of the benefits of this Level is to prove no other source has this level of knowledge, correlating analysis, and upcoming valuable revenue streams. Then, you will be prepared for more in-depth Consulting.


Your company, executives, and goals are unique. Truly effective consulting can’t be gained through the one-size-fits-all approach of the companies charging millions and globally earning billions off your dependency on them. And if you look at what’s happening in Blockchain and cryptocurrency today, not one of the leading consulting sources including all those charts and services predicted where we are now. In contrast, I wrote my books in 2019-2019 and I predicted literally everything unfolding in the crypto news on a weekly basis. From Trudeau freezing crypto, to the collapse to half of Bitcoin’s value I predicted almost to the week in 2021, to threats of hyper-taxation by Yellen, to innovations into what we now call Metaverses – I wrote chapters explaining why and how all this happens, over 1,900 pages of correlating analysis. Glance over the Teaser Chapters to get an idea of how my Consulting combines the basics with unimaginably valuable breakthrough knowledge. Your company goals and investment will be my focus. A coordinated evolution of your knowledge of an investment into Blockchain and cryptocurrency will expand with your company success. Through emails, phone calls, Zooms, and interacting directly with me, you’ll know the future, and therefore know where to innovate and invest. Unlike The Big Four, this Consulting is short-term, you will not be dependent upon me forever in Cloud or huge, growing fees you get locked into once you sign up. By the end of several months you’ll not only know what to do, you’ll see “Products” and proofs delivered by Crypto-Integrity-Tao that result in ROI from many streams of revenue. You won’t follow the hype or trends, you’ll follow your own wisdom and skills, just like you drive a high-performance car expertly on your favorite winding road or Autobahn. You can jump right into this Level without the Introductory Level if all the books and interviews on my website convinces you my analysis is years ahead. Once I learn your objectives and company structure, we determine the extent of my Consulting and the agreeable cost of it. Crypto- Integrity-Tao with its Sustained Global Disruption Advantage can only Consult a limited number of companies this Level – be one of the few that receive it all. Our headquarters will soon be set up in Geneva, Switzerland, chosen because FINMA and the Blockchain leading committees and associations there delivers the most advanced, secure, and logical regulations and taxation for all aspects of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.


Meeting in person delivers deeper understanding between both parties. This accelerates learning and increases value related to your goals and investments. The companies SGDA Consulting agrees to Consult are not all in the Blockchain or cryptocurrency systems. Many top companies do realize the advantages Blockchain DLT offers in protecting your Brand and ensuring higher profits and less losses in logistics. This is proven in shipping, music, and high- end luxury companies protecting products and guaranteeing ROI and authenticity. SGDA Consulting deduced ways this applies to top-end car manufacturers, energy, telecoms, tourism, Big Pharma, entertainment, asset management, games, apps, and many more proven revenue streams. Crypto-Integrity-Tao has the unique higher analysis that makes its upcoming Sandbox extremely helpful in its partners creating their own Patents and I.P. or products. One-On-One Consulting will include your company in this Sandbox as our innovations appear. These innovations will accelerate hardware, Metaverse use and stability, and many more sectors of society and technology. This Level of Consulting extends up to six months; however, most companies will gain most of what they need to learn in three to four months. Then these clients can continue gaining value while participating in the Sandbox. These clients will also know in advance the value and timing of announcements and releases of Crypto-Integrity-Tao I.P. that influence the entire digital currency and DLT environment, as well as the individual Products and investments our company offers in 2022. And again it is important to mention that the headquarters will be in Switzerland (chosen for many reasons.) There will be very few of these clients so ensure maximum value from your SGDA Consulting